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Kelly Dadd Yoga Walks

When & Where?

Most Thursdays 6-8pm

Whirlow Hall Car Park

S11 9QF

How did yoga walks start?

Funny story, it was that bloody election (2016). I had a regular class on Thursday evenings at the Heeley Institute, but when the election started, the local parties began holding their meetings and the noise and overcrowding in the building began to dampen the positivity within the yoga, so I knew I needed to find a new venue. I had the idea to take yoga outside, I took a group of 3 regulars to trial the idea and they loved it, that's when I decided to take yoga outdoors.

Why do yoga outdoors?

Nature knows how to heal you, all you have to do is put that with a bit of yoga and you will always leave feeling better. I don't need to explain the benefits of being active or fresh air, but the benefits of stretching and releasing your energy and collection new positive energies whilst surrounded by nature, it's an uplifting experience, even in the rain.

What about the British weather?

Well I ALWAYS do every walk at least once a week alone, before taking a class, to ensure the safety of the group, as the landscape can change rapidly in Britain. On the trial walks around Whirlow woods, I also pick out our power spots, where we were able to feel the energy of the trees. However if the weather is extreme of the rain is persistent, the class will be cancelled, this is to be confirmed via the Facebook page.

Is the location always the same?

Whirlow seemed a good fit as dog walkers keep the track well trodden and it's quiet enough to teach and relax. Sometimes, if the weather is on our side I may hold extra walking classes out in the Peaks and other locations, everyone in the class is notified and invited.

How many are in a walking yoga class?

Preferably groups of 3-9, keeping an intimate group means that everyone is able to have enough attention so their poses can be corrected and they can receive the full benefits of being in nature. Children are allowed to attend and are free to the walks, but we do ask for no dogs as they can make it distracting.

Where do we go and how long is for?

Well don't worry about losing your bearings as I know these woods incredibly well and each walk is done in a figure of 8 so that we return to the original meeting place, usually the car park. The walk lasts about 2 hours, depending on the weather, the best way to check the details of this weeks walk is on the Facebook page, it's regularly updated.

Please do come and join in on one of our walks, I'm sure you will love it as much as everyone else, it's really something to experience!

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