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Kelly Dadd Yoga @ Beat-Herder festival

When & Where?

Beat-Herder Festival

Beat-Herder Festival Logo

14th-16th July 2017

The Ring

Dockber Farm

Sawley Lancashire

Sorry that it's been and gone, but I'm not sorry for bragging about the amazing festival itself and the turn out to my yoga classes, I'm so grateful!

Although it's been running since 2006, my first appearance teaching at Beat-Herder was in 2016, where I was invited to host a morning yoga class on the famous Ring stage - 'Witness the immense geologic structure known as the ring, a feat of primitive human engineering that puts Stone Henge – indeed, even the Pyramids – to shame'.

I'd been to Beat-Herder several times before and never imagined that I'd step on a stage. It wasn't as daunting as I feared. Little did I expect the small crowd that had gathered and were looking up at me at 10am, I managed to demonstrate a energing routine of poses. I powered through the nerves and felt so content and strong when I had finished, leaving me in the best mindset to enjoy the rest of the festival.

As festivals go, it's an exciting adventure that has a real community vibe, a variety of music and people. My yoga workshop this year had an even better turnout than last year, with lots of folks from Sheffield coming to support me, thanks if you turned up, it really made me smile!

Once I had finished my Dru Yoga ,Tree of Transformation & Relaxation workshops, I could be found in our lovely healing area offering massages and workshops, up in the Domes at the top of the kids field.

I'll definitely be going back and would recommend this festival to all! It has something for everyone.

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