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Kelly teaches a potent style of yoga named Dru Yoga. All movements are made with awareness and are gentle and flowing, following the breath. Together with visualisations and empowering affirmations Dru Yoga provide a positive experience for the body, mind and soul.


The meaning of Dru is taken from the Sanskrit ‘Dhruva’ meaning still and unchanging. Classes always begin with a lively activation to prepare the body, moving into an Energy Block release sequence to help release latent energy trapped in the body. We explore classical Yoga postures and Dru flowing sequences, Mudras (Hand gestures) Relaxation & Meditation.


"The classes I offer are fun and informal with an emphasis on connecting with elements, letting go and feeling free." 
- Kelly Dadd (Registered Dru Yoga Teacher)

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Dru Yoga, Registered Teacher


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Kelly is an excellent teacher.

Natural, intuitive, friendly. Her class is one of the highlights of my week!

Great way to start a Friday.

- Lindsey Liphead


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